Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022
Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022

XEmpire Review

XEmpire is a known site that produces content not lacking passionate sex/glamcore in each scene. This site consists of a network of 5 conjoining content sites that feature a female adult filmmaker’s (Mason) work. Hard X (hardcore anal and rough sex), Exotica X (porn star hookups), Dark X (interracial), Lesbian X (Lesbian), and All Black X’s (All Black) content can be browsed directly from XEmpire, but you can also isolate each channel’s content for a refined content path.

Jumping Into The Hottest Part Of The Scene

While most porn sites actively render and sometimes it’s pretty annoying waiting for the buffer and don’t exactly know where the hot parts are to time your release, XEmpire’s navigation via a filmstrip lets you choose and actively see in broad top-down overview before even concentrating on the hot parts you feel is good enough for you to finish off. Not to forget, the quality of some older scenes are already in 1080p, better than a DVD 720p rip, so it’s easy to watch these selected scenes in good quality without fumbling/missing the right moment to climax. 

XEmpire Has Content Creators That Try New Things

Yes, because of how they are known for content that is passionate and produced under a female director, many of their new performers always bring forth new things on camera. Not only that, many of the scenes you see on the site are done in such an angle that you get to experience maximum raw fucking done in a sensual and longing way. You’re also able to download up to 60-80 videos that you may like before you hit the daily download limit at 300GB.




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7119+ 2 day
1585+ 1080p
No Limit $1 Trial
55453+ Daily
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132673+ 20+ a day
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9000+ 2/3 a week
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15200+ 1/2 day
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