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What Is Mylked?

Cocks hang down from random dudes, and the girls at the other end do the job of milking them. That is the original concept, coming from the table of

As for me, this is something I have never seen before. The closest thing was dicks sticking out of toilets and bathroom walls. On this site, the guys are not visible; only the models are seen playing with the cock right above them. So, expect a lot of ball licking, slopping, cumshot, cum on face, and tits-jobs.

Moreover, there is a little mix of dildo fuck and other similar activities. They are seen with sex toys to stimulate themselves and sometimes end up cumming on them. If you are a fetish fan of oral sex, blowjobs, handjobs, and facial fucks, this premium porn site is undoubtedly for you. Stay with me as I take you deeper into the heart of the website.

Why Should I Join?

Just as a good farmer knows the cow that produces the best milk, so are the directors of these scenes. They know the right cocks that are specifically good for this niche. Looking closely at the content, there is a table above with a glory hole big enough to hang down your cocks. It basically serves as a message table, suitable for jobs like this. Each scene starts with the American babes undressing themselves until they are naked. And some of them leave their pants on to look sexy. The action continues with dirty talk and their handjob techniques come into play.

What You Get on

For now, the site is small and gradually increasing with its regular updates. Currently, there are 54 cock milking and massage videos to watch. They are available for streaming and download in full HD. You have the option of having the entire scene or individual clips on your device. Well, the movie’s duration is short, which is understandable given the premise of the theme. Or how long will it take a guy to be completely Mylked? There are only video caption images and no photo sets available in ZIP files.

Their promises to the members also include:

  • New Scenes Every Week
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Cancel anytime
  • No hidden charges
  • No viruses or spyware
  • No adult references on statement
  • Download movies to keep (no DRM)
  • Accessible from PCs, tablets & mobile phones

Membership Benefits

On the plus side, TugPass Network is behind this site and boasts of numerous handjobs and more. There are 13+ bonus websites that are housing additional content for you to explore. The fact that you have these should ease your mind about the handful of videos I mentioned earlier. You can take advantage of them while you are waiting for a new release. Also, if you are a person that reads erotic content, there is a blog section on the drop-down menu waiting for you. Another amazing feature is the Mylked live webpage. It is a place to meet live girls on camera performing many solo sexual activities. You will immediately notice that these hot kinky babes are a rare gem of beauty.

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