Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022
Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022

My Very First Time Review

My Very First Time is a porn site that takes you back to look at how a girl does porn in front of a camera the first time. It’s a nice different feeling of looking at how a talent talks about why she wants to try porn and proceeds to undress and fucks the awaiting porn star. The girls all look innocent, inexperienced on camera, and very fresh. The content features a variance of sex scenes from hardcore sex, masturbation to girl-on-girl scenes, depending on what the producer’s direction is.

The First Time Experience 

My Very First Time’s interesting part of the build-up, before you get really excited, is always the conversation that starts before the girl starts to undress. The origins story, of how and why the girl is interested to join the porn industry, her questions to the producer, and subsequently how the producer asks her to start undressing, is the key tease here. When the girl starts to undress, the camera will playfully focus on how she undresses slowly and the producer will either start to undress and ask for a starter blowjob in first-person view, or there will be a co-star that will be fucking the girl on set.

My Very First Time’s Small But Strong Offerings 

The content archive is not the largest, but in terms of the “first-time porn” experience genre, this site is one of the strongest out there. The ability to make it look like it’s a first-time experience with not as much as hardcore content, but yet bring it to a level of intimate, dirty, and raw (especially first time anal scenes), is spectacular. 


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