Best Paid Porn Sites List 2021
Best Paid Porn Sites List 2021

Erotic Stories

We know you love erotic stories…Wink wink. Well, now you know where to find it! We have the best reviews on the best erotic stories for your eyes to feast upon! So come check out our section on erotic stories for your viewing pleasure. You know you absolutely want to check out our reviews. You know it’s worth your time and that it’s everything you want. So check out more!

Why Erotic Stories Are Awesome

Do you know why erotic stories are absolutely amazing? Well, that’s Because you get to read all the best stories that you can’t find anywhere else about personal people you wanna read about! Imagine it’s like the sex tape you were never meant to watch but with words. We know you absolutely want to check out our reviews on some awesome erotic stories. 

Things To Expect With Erotic Stories

Some things you may come across while reading some fantastic erotic stories are your favorite superhero or villains getting it off in a bed, and you know it is everything you ever dreamed about! Oh, can’t you think of it? You should check out our erotic stories for more! 

Adult Dating Sites

450+ 2 per Day
1kk+ Users Live chat
Unlimited Free
5000+ 2/3 per Week
1000+ Models 1080p
Unlimited $18.95/Mo

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4K Porn Sites

695+ 1 per Week
92+ Models 4k
Unlimited €1 Trial
126+ 2 Month
109+ Models 4K
Unlimited $1 Trial
12+ 1 per Week
10+ Models 4k
Unlimited $0.99 Trial

(+12) 4K Porn

Premium Porn Sites

7119+ 2 day
1585+ 1080p
No Limit $1 Trial
55453+ Daily
14138+ 2160p
300GB/day $1 Trial
6786+ 2 day
3852+ 1080p
10GB/day $1 Trial
10505+ 1/2 day
2552+ 2160p
No Limit $1.95 Trial
3969+ 3/4 week
1350+ 1080p
N/A $1 Trial

Fake Hub, if you love reality porn, is perfect for you. This site offers your dream scenario. They have a fake doctor, taxi ride, even a fake casting, and many more.

9000+ 2/3 Week
6000+ 1080p
Unlimited $1 Trial
2797+ 2/3 week
1638+ 1080p
Unlimited $1 Trial

Love watching young babes giving heads and being fucked hard? Mofos has a range of beautiful teens making the wrong decision and getting punished for that. Lots of cums shots and up close pussy shots.

3251+ 1 week
977+ 1080p
No Limit $1 Trial
4850+ Daily
2800+ 1080p
Unlimited 33% Deal
3100+ 2/3 week
451+ 4k
Unlimited $1.00 Trial
2040+ 3-5/week
865+ 4K 2160p
Unlimited 1.00$ Trial
8000+ Daily
900+ Models 1080p
Unlimited $8,33/Mo
1,382+ 2/3 Week
856+ Models 1080p
Unlimited $29.32/Mo
167+ 3 month
140+ 2160p
Unlimited $1 Trial

To ass worshipers out there, Lubed brings you the ultimate anal sex videos. Well oiled cock banging ass and pussies. Lubricated bodies slide up and down, providing an erotic scene. Handjobs and blowjobs never looked this good on videos.

68+ 2/3 Week
276+ 1080p
Unlimited $0.99 Trial
3000+ 1 week
550+ 1080p
Unlimited $1 Trial

Watch boyfriends filming their crazy and hot girlfriends having sex with them, and then share their videos on CrazyExGfs. See amateurs doing professional sex scenes.  Gaze at some hot babes going solo and see how they squirt.

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