Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022
Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022

Hogtied Review

Even more fetish-filled sexy content in Hogtied from This entire porn website specializes in the hogtie where a star’s hands and legs are tied behind her back, and she is immobilized so she can be fucked hard. In these videos, you’ll find many girls start off in other positions, so you can enjoy lots of different ties and restraints. But in the end, you know she’ll end up in that position, ready and willing to cum until she can’t stand it.

Premium, Exclusive Content

Since most of the videos feature extreme BDSM, restraints, and painful whipping, the studio makes their own content to ensure everything is safe and the stars have the best time mixing pain with pleasure. This means that when you sign up for premium access and membership, you get unlimited access to content that you won’t find anywhere else. They have their own dungeon where the newest and biggest stars go to get tied up. New videos are added regularly for you to enjoy, but there is less new content than some other sites since so much care goes into each video. But it’s worth the wait!

Take Part In Your Own Hogtied Fantasy

Hogtied has made such a name for itself with its extreme porn content that they also sell some of the restraints, toys and equipment online in a shop. When you watch a video, you’ll have the option to purchase the same gear for you to live out your own consenting tied-up fetishes. Pick from classic ropes, vibrators, whips and ball gags, more intense nipple clamps and clips, goggles, and more. Live out your own fantasy when you see your favorite star in a video and get involved in the action in a new, intimate way.

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