Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022
Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022

What Is

If you’re into deepthroat or oral porn, you’ve just stepped on a landmine. This type of genre is rare in the adult industry, and only a few sites are taking it seriously.
Gag The Bitch is a premium porn site that seems to be dedicated to this category, and trust me, they are doing a very good job. Speaking of extremities and hardcoreness, so to say, they are cutting edge.
The content here is more than the regular blowjobs scenes, and it is more of a male gagging XXX domination. The types of girls you will find here are not those who forbid hardcore and taboo porn. They enjoy kinky and raunchy sexual acts, not minding the risk involved.
They let the dipstick into their throat until they began to gag and drip saliva from their mouth down all over their tits. So, you should expect choking, ball-sucking, drooling, spitting, and deepthroating.

Why Should I Join?

You will kick start your membership goodies with 77+ gagging videos. The collection might not be huge, but it is exclusive and outstanding. The predominant quality is DVDs, with some photo galleries that aren’t huge also. The good news is that you can stream and download all the movies on GagTheBitch. There are also bonus sites that offer a little bit more content you might be interested in. This might come in handy because of the irregularities in their updates. They number more than 30, and some of them are German Goo Girls, Shemale Fuck Fest, Anal Driveway, and Cum Covered Blondes.

What You Get on GagTheBitch! (Membership Benefits)

The network stat can be estimated to have the following content:

  • 10,000 quality videos
  • 5000+ bonus DVDs
  • 20,000 bonus clips
  • 19,000+ photos
  • And more

Currently, they offer a 2-day trial for just $1. It costs nothing to explore the site and see for yourself what you will be paying for.

Conclusions: Is Gag The Bitch Worth It?

Like I said, the actions are raw and hardcore. Sometimes, it can be so extreme that you might think they will suffer from neck injuries. It is a game of who can take it deeper into the throat. It is their job, and they are professionals at it. The scenes may feature three dudes performing these tricks with the sluts. Yes, that is three cocks vs. one hole, exclusive to GagTheBitch. One goes directly into her mouth, and she blows the remaining two with her hands. The navigation is nothing to worry about considering the size of the site. You can sort the videos under the categories and other options in the drop-down menu. The home page is covered with thumbnails, which aim to give you a glimpse of what to expect after your membership subscription. If you encounter any problems on the site, there is always a standby live customer service available 24/7/365 to address any issue.

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