Best Paid Porn Sites List 2023
Best Paid Porn Sites List 2023

Female Fake Taxi

Female Fake Taxi Review

This is one of the best porn sites to have been launched in the adult industry. It’s rare to come across smoking hot female drivers; if you do, you are just lucky. The scenes are wild, fun, and outrageously entertaining. English girls with big tits and asses are a complete distraction to their clients coming to Female Fake Taxi.

It is the porn portal feeding us with all these dramatic and reality hardcore scenes in full HD videos. The customers don’t have the full idea of the free bumping ride they are receiving from the curvy drivers.

Though they enter the cab with the mindset of paying some bucks, they end up paying with their cums. So they don’t mind getting undressed inside the cabs to have passionate sex with the dudes and slutty girls. The passengers may be a male or a female or both, which sees us watching them in lesbian and threesome scenes. These bisexual babes know how to mingle pleasure with business. If you enjoy reality or public porn, this site is a big hit for you.

What Do I Get?

If you want to enjoy every piece of content to your taste, you need to subscribe to their membership platform, which does not really cost much except for other features, which I will tell you about later. There are over 260 full HD videos that are available for streaming and download. This is what you can enjoy, with an average movie lasting for about 25 min. This is not just what you are getting. As part of the FakeHub Network, you are also granted access to other bonus websites on the site.

Though all the sites look similar and use the same menu, they certainly have different content to fulfill your fantasies. Parallel channels are fake hostels, fake hospitals, fake agents, and others. There are about 4000 videos available in HD and 4K quality across the entire platform.

A premium porn network like this will provide you with a beautiful colored page that corresponds to the content exclusive to their studio. It is both mobile and desktop compatible, with other features like tags, favorites, sorting options, and the like.

Female Fake Taxi Got Some Taints

You will only encounter minor problems on the site. Firstly, the scenes on Female Fake Taxi are not available in 4K format; which I think is not really good compared to the resolution competition in the adult industry. They really need to do something about this. Second is the issue of the download limit. A membership upgrade is required in order to enjoy this feature. This might cost you a little more than you budgeted. This is also worth it because you are able to keep this exclusive content to yourself after the download.

The last issue on the site is the problem of slow updating. I will give it 1-2 releases per month; this is relatively slow compared to other networks. Notwithstanding, these issues only pertain to this site. There are regular new scenes released across the entire network that are fresh enough to keep you away from boredom.

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