Best Paid Porn Sites List 2023
Best Paid Porn Sites List 2023

Fake Hostel

Fake Hostel Review

Be careful on your next trip because there is this popular Fake Hostel that has captured many on their cunning web. I know you don’t care about that warning because you have something else on your mind. You don’t have to worry about money spent on lodging anymore; landlords now accept pussies, anals, and cocks as new means of payment. The customers enter this hostel not knowing what other services they offer. Most of the scenes are usually FFM (two females with a male).

A typical scenario was when two cute teens stayed overnight as bunkmates in this fake institution. The weather was really cold and they had tried everything to alleviate the situation, but nothing was just working. Now, they have to call the manager to tell him of their ordeals. The response was instant as he sent a stud to spray warmth cum on them. The scene gets nasty as they combine to form a perfect threesome and enjoy more than what they paid for. The site is really a nice place to watch these European babes get the hard fuck of their lives. In particular, if you are looking for fresh porn, this site is definitely for you.

Your Membership Present

Luckily, you can access more than you subscribe to because the site is part of the FakeHub Network. This fast growing platform has been cutting edge recently with their creative scenes that blow away the minds of the fans. So not only do you have access to the 216+ scenes here, you can also see Public Agent, Fake Hospital, Fake Cops, and other bonus websites.

It is part of their policy to grant you unrestricted access to the entire network for the price of one. Though the movies are not as many as you might want, their 3500+ videos across the network and updates are sure to keep you alive. Expect average movie duration of 25 minutes, all available in Full HD formats.

Other benefits I discovered were the good user interface. Basic tools like search panels, tags, categories, and filter options are available to locate content across their archive easily. You can also create your own mini library where you save your favorite videos to watch later or other playlists. The trailer is also there to give you a glimpse and captivating video descriptions that compel you to watch these European babes in action.

Fake Hostel Hosts Reality Porn

The videos are exclusive, and the director seems to have a natural sense of humor. The scenes are fun and feature a lot of drama, usually in a similar pattern. If you are the type that enjoys listening to dirty dialogues, their site is well scripted to fulfill this purpose. There are some disappointing facts about this site. I will label them as its downside.

All the movies are streamable, and it will cost an extra fee to enjoy the download feature. This is bad news for you guys who love to save your movies on your devices. Also, there are no photos of the scenes uploaded. Don’t let this minor disappointment throw you off. Fake Hostel is still one of the best websites to watch great porn videos.

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