Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022
Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022

Brutal X Review

As the name suggests, BrutalX is a collection of rough sex seen in teen girls.
The site rises from the actions being termed rude. At first sight, you can see that the young girls are being forced to have sex. Mostly they are being punished by their partners for doing something that annoys them. So they are penalized with some pleasure instead. The roughness comes due to the guys being annoyed sexually.

Food For Thought

On many rare occasions, no one is willing to film and upload something unpleasant to the viewers.
Brutal X is just one of the best teen porn sites that demonstrate how to please young and horny ladies that love rough sex. BrutalX means they like being dominated and showed what to do while fucking.
The aggression, cloth tearing, humiliation, and punishment, in other sense, are used to show how you can help a sexually frustrated or a horny person who is always on your case and wants to be satisfied daily.

Why Brutal X

The site is full of young teens willing to be punished at the cost of having fun and feeling the pleasure of rough sex.
They are sexually active, and you cannot miss daily uploads of the girls.
The 4k Ultra HD portrays the full video without a cut of any actors’ moves. We can see that the dudes are the ones in complete control as the fuck the pretty fine ladies to satisfaction.
The presence of stunning models enhances these sex scenes.
Among the pornstars you’ll be able to view are:

  • Isabelle Stern
  • Kimmy Granger
  • Amira Adara
  • Monroe Fox
  • Pipper Peri

BrutalX regular subscriptions range at:

  • 1-day plan – free trial
  • 30 days plan – $18.54
  • 90 days plan – $59.65
  • 365 days plans – $131.00
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