Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022
Best Paid Porn Sites List 2022

Asshole Fever Fever Review

Asshole Fever is a porn site that features European girls getting fat cocks shoved up their assholes with full-on hardcore anal action. Besides anal, ass eating, ass to mouth, rim jobs, are bread and butter here on this site, performed by gorgeous girls hungry to get an ass-fill. They make anal sex look like art as they moan in pleasure during penetration; sometimes double penetration as well.

Firm And Round Ass Aplenty

If you’re into the firm and round asses and think that European girls may lack greatly in this department compared to ebony girls, wait till you get on Asshole Fever. These girls are all built with such a great set of ass that you just want to ram your cock into them from behind till you creampie within. The ground and pound action takes it to another level when you see rough anal scenes at a play, which will get you pumped and maintain that hardness till you find your money shot release moment.

Asshole Fever Does More Than Boring Ass Scenes

The straight-to-ass fucking scenes, if done continuously without any change-ups, will obviously be boring. But this is not happening here. The build-up and transition into the ass fucking scenes are done so well, where other staples, such as sexy blowjobs and having a heavy spread of jizz over her face all play a part to give that anal scene that moment of pure highlight. This is also the part where anal creampies are just a beauty to relish and watch. If you time it well, the feeling of cumming when the creampie is happening on your screen, and the scene goes back to the girl’s face, is a golden cum moment that is well deserved.

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